A ballad in spring of the blossoms and leaves.

Submission for Weekly Game Jam #165 with the theme "One Button Mash"
Mouse position to control the blade location
Selected key to slash the leaves


[Chinese / Oriental Drum & Bass] TaiGekTou - The Adorned Cage (Iruka Remix) by Iruka (IruGuitar) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChw3J1LP4XoOcIKjKVUThfw


BalladOfThePetalsEXE.zip 36 MB


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Add Options so to get rid of things like the zooming in on leaf cuts or the blade trail and stuff, because though they might look good to a viewer, as a player it kinda distracts you a littl

Thanks for the input! Those are some valid points and we do agree that some of the animations can be a bit distracting to the player. If we plan to continue working on the game, options to reduce the eye candy will definitely be considered.


Solid jam game! Great visuals, and excellent leaf animations. Next step I would like to see further developed is the rhythm system, adding a "Good, Great, Perfect" timing system of some sort, or accuracy on how centered the cut is on the leaf. I could see it even being cool to add new variations on melody mechanics like 'Holds' that are click and drag slices and cuts through notes. Overall an excellent entry!

Haha thank you, we actually considered implementing that mechanic but time constraints and other commitments resulted in not enough time to do everything we wanted. We actually tried out a slashing mechanic with the blade but it was far too difficult so we dropped the idea. Some very good points though and we appreciate the feedback!